Nov 17, 2012

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a slightly odd, but very nice, rarely-a-lipstick kind of girl... and in that faraway land, as the rarely-a-lipstick kind of girl walked about her usual paths, she found herself in a quest of quite a bewildering kind... A quest that would triumph with an acquisition of an impeccable piece of treasure... A treasure that would not only make her happy, but that would redefine the beauty in her life (exaggeration for entertainment purposes)...

And as she walked around, looking for nothing at all, she got herself into a market of a vividly colorful kind... And as she explored unfavorable eye shadows, nail polishes, eye liners, and such, she slowly approached what was known as the astonishing lip color isle... And this rarely-a-lipstick kind of girl, naively and unintentionally, found herself wanting that which was unheard of... a shiny, sexy, pinky, lipsticky delight :). 

And this lipsticky gem of quite a dazzling kind, colored as bright as a magenta sky, consumed her, took over her silly, beauty-oriented mind... And so that she could not resist to give in to the bright, magenta-colored knight in shining armor, that was as tasty as a raspberry pie.

P.S. Wearing an almost vintage Matthew Williamson for H&M peacock shirt