Mar 10, 2014

Photos by: Andrej Micajkov

Columns are upright pillars that support a structure or stand alone as a monument.

So here's a thought...

Heels, thus shoes, are types of columns that support a structure [aka the lovely person wearing them], or [well this is true for my own apartment, please don't judge] stand alone as an impressively beautiful monument [okay fine, home decor].

This notion justifies the exhaustion of our credit cards, because, as argued above, shoes are works of art and supporting architectural elements that serve so much more than a single purpose.

So next time someone yells at you, or makes you feel guilty for spending a lot of $$$ [or any other currency for that matter] on a pair of beautiful, gorgeous, insanely amazing shoes, tell them that you're making a long-term investment, one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, no go, cat, go!

Yeah, that last part was totally ELVIS! Blessed be THE KING!