Dress by Guess | Purse by Zara | Sunnies by Mango

Let’s talk about wedding guest dressing.

Where I come from, your wedding guest style is more important than your everyday style. Waaaay more.

When choosing a wedding guest outfit, a few unwritten, yet very strict rules apply:

  • The dresses have to be made to measure. You shouldn’t even think about wearing Zara or Mango.
  • Thou shalt not commit the ultimate sin of repeating outfits. Different wedding, different outfit.
  • The makeup has to be professionally done. The heavier it is, the better. Your shouldn’t even think about requesting a natural makeup look.
  • When it comes to hair: get it styled at the salon, or go home.
  • Jewelry? More bling is king.
  • When it comes to shoes, it’s heel or no deal.

If, however, you’re anything like me, you will buy a dress in a store or, even more tragically, online. You will do your own makeup, and even though you have huge respect for this form of art, you think it looks way better in an editorial than in real life. You will put minimum effort in your hair and you will wear it as it happens to look that day (you will, however, take the time to find a good colorist). You will repeat outfits, or refresh them with new accessories or shoes. You will be very careful with, as Matthew McConaughey would put it in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days,” frosting yourself. If you wear a Cavalli-like Guess dress in leopard and floral print that makes a big enough statement on its own, all you will wear is a single bracelet.

On the plus side, you will remove your makeup easily at the end of the night (if there’s any left). You will have the ability to wear the same dress with sneakers, while running errands, walking your dog, or paying bills. You will save on dry cleaning (but spend it all on clothes anyway).

And all of this comes down to two things.

One, dressing up is not reserved for weddings and special occasions only. If you feel like doing it on a “regular” day, do it. If you wanna wear heels to the supermarket, bring a camera and do a photo op. If you wanna get your hair done, go for it. If you feel like wearing a smokey eye, I don’t see why you should wait until an “appropriate” event comes along.

Two, personal style means being you. Take your time to explore and find it, and don’t fall under the pressures of society. The world comes with way too many rules and way too many girls that look like copies of one another anyway.