Apr 10, 2014

Photos by: Andrej Micajkov / Post-production by: Jovana Zuka

If you are a Super Mario devotee [is there anyone who isn't?],
then you are aware that Brick Blocks can contain some serious items,
and if they do, by breaking one you can end up with
a Power-Up (Super Mushroom, thank you for your hard work), a Coin,
a Beanstalk, 1-Up Mushroom, and other incredibly cool stuff.

Well, in my Super Jovana fashionable version of Super Mario, I broke a Brick Block
and ended up with this super Power-Up, or should I say Style-Up,
a floral crochet blouse from OASAP, which is located at the end of this level right HERE. 

Judging by the amount of times I've worn it in the past week or so, 
it is safe to say that it is a real Fire [crochet] Flower 
that keeps on transforming me into Fire Jovana,
and a true Super Star that keeps on giving me temporary invincibility.

Throwing fireballs around is so much fun! I'm afraid I'm getting used to it.

And who knows, I might even end up with an Extra [stylish] Life.


Mar 22, 2014

Photos by: Andrej Micajkov

My quest for a pair of almost boyfriend, semi classic, straight leg, high waisted, light washed Levi's jeans took me to strange corners of the Universe. This lengthy voyage was not of a dangerous, life-threatening kind, but it did require infinite amounts of shopping energy and it did cause me a fair amount of  fashion-related stress. But, then again, all of my denim expeditions end up taking this same exact course.
Finding the right pair of jeans is emotionally, mentally, physically, digitally and spiritually so, sooo hard. 

That being said, you can only imagine how unbelievably happy I was to find and save the pair of coolness above of eternal damnation, or worse, demise. And, yes, I say "save" because these baby blue Levi's had quite a dark life before I showed them the light. Kidnapped and stacked at the bottom of a huge pile of old, tortured, lost denim souls prejudicially divided by size, the poor things had probably lost all hope
of ever being tried on, or worn outside.

But then came their light. Gently going through each and every pair that was violently thrown above, I searched and searched until I found my special denim one. And here we are all sunny and happy now :).

Feel like saving a denim's life? Go to the Levi's store in downtown Skopje, and rescue a pair today!

P.S. I purchased these vintage Levi's on a massive sale for 400 денари!   


Mar 14, 2014

Photos by: Jovana Zuka

"Magical" is an understated epithet about the type of artwork this man produced.
Heavenly, otherworldly, supernatural, so perfect that it could not have possibly
been made by an actual human being... Now, that's more like it.
M.C. Escher's work first awes, then mystifies, then brings about an incredible high, euphoria even, 
to finally put you in a state of such deep depression due to the simple fact that you would never, 
at least not in this lifetime, be able to produce something so incredibly powerful, so impeccably beautiful, 
and so fantastically divine. Makes you feel like that simple, flawed human being that you are.
[Well, at least that's the effect it has on me...]
But let's try to look on the bright side of life.
Turns out, M.C.'s work makes a fantastic setting for my recently purchased emerald earrings, 
that I've been dying to show you, just couldn't find the right way to do so.
 So here they are, my gorgeous couple, being chased by Pedalternorotandomovens centroculatus articulosus,
curl-up creatures that can be found solely on M.C.'s planet, and hanging out and about
with his intellectual, book-loving reptiles.
 My earrings enjoyed the company. Did you? :)

Earrings: PARFOIS / Book: The Magic of M.C. Escher by Johannes L. Locher

P.S. If you look into M.C.'s work, you will find quite the incredible transformation prints,
in which the seemingly different morph into one another perfectly,
which is quite the case with the melodies in a mix that I've been listening to repeatedly.

Give it a play: